Azro Hair Scrunchie Set, Accessories, Sage and Clare - Mika and Max

Azro Hair Scrunchie Set

There is nothing we don’t absolutely adore about the Azro Hair Scrunchies, a new addition to the Sage x Clare range of accessories.

Featuring some of the new season’s key patterns and colours, these super-fun hair accessories are crafted from off cuts of the Soleil Collection bed linen.

This limits waste, meaning both you and the environment benefit – win, win!

Sold as a set of three, the Azro Hair Scrunchie set features scrunchies in a Lemon pattern from the Anouk Linen Pillowcase, a Stripe pattern from the Mathilde Stripe Pillowcase and an Evil Eye pattern from the Leon Linen Pillowcase.


One size


Made from 100% linen