The Body Brush - SALTY

The Body Brush - SALTY

Tend to your vessel and invigorate your senses with The Body Brush.
The ultimate addition to enhance your daily shower and bathing rituals.
Mindfully crafted to fit in your hand for ease of use and sized for travel
- perfect to bring those day spa vibes with you for a night away!
Soft bristles gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.
Use wet or dry, before or during your shower ritual.
Apply to the skin in gentle, circular motions.
Start at your feet, work your way up the body to your neck, using lighter
pressure for more delicate areas.
For an elevated experience, use The Body Brush paired with application of
Shower Ritual Oil. Or use as a dry body brush before showering or bathing
for glowing, radiant skin.
◯ Store in dry place after use.
◯ Avoid use on the face and other sensitive areas.